Learn to express your sensuality and strength in our exotic, pole and body sculpting classes!

If you are ready to shake things up a bit and try new ways to get in shape, Studio X offers a variety of classes and workshops designed to compliment or offer an alternative to your usual routine. Classes that are “out of the ordinary” are extra fun and a great way to work muscles you didn’t even know you had!

All of the classes at Studio X strengthen and tone your body, while cultivating grace, rhythm and self confidence as your skills increase. We are committed to helping you reach your dance goals!

What you need to know …

  • You may preregister for classes via our on-line registration.
  • Our late arrival policy applies to all classes. Please familiarize yourself with it on our policies page.
  • Check the individual class descriptions below for class/workshop length and dress/footwear requirements.
  • For your safety, please wear a minimum amount of jewelry and do not apply body lotions/oils prior to classes.
  • Regularly scheduled classes are not appropriate as party/ group classes. Please call us if you would like to schedule a class for groups larger than 5.
  • PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN YOGA/WARM-UP MAT AND GRIP PRODUCT. Mats and grip products are available for purchase at the studio if needed.


Get together with your pole friends and make new ones at our monthly Polejam!
Polejam is a great opportunity to practice with your peers and share new moves and combos. Performance is not required but is a great way to get feedback on technique!
Advanced registration and payment required. Please bring a yoga mat, grip product and shorts.


If you have a pole at home and you’re not quite sure where to start, join us in the studio for a brand new 90 minute class that helps you jump-start your pole practice. There is no substitute for in-person instruction and Studio X can help! Home School class covers warm-up and workout techniques, basic pole spins and tricks. This monthly class teaches correct pole technique to make your pole work at home safer and more productive! Don’t have a pole at home? No worries, join us anyway for a fun, sexy pole workout!
Advanced registration and payment required. If registering on-line, please use “Workshop” payment option
Please bring a yoga mat, grip product and shorts. Heels optional. This class is held in our Chesterfield Studio.