Studio X is proud to provide a safe, empowering and professional instructional environment. We strive to foster an atmosphere of consideration, support and respect. Please familiarize yourself with our policies prior to attending class. If you have any questions on these policies or what classes are best for you please call for a consultation.

General Class Policies

  • Classes open to women only unless otherwise stated in the class description. Please check class descriptions for this and class requirements.
  • All students must be 18 years or older.
  • Photo ID required.
  • Please bring your own yoga or workout mat and grip product. Disinfectant wipes will be provided for you. We also offer a variety of grip products for purchase.
  • Please turn off cell phones and pagers during class times.
  • Photography is not permitted while class is in session.
  • Acceptable attire – workout wear, short shorts, halters, discreet lingerie.
  • Nudity NOT ALLOWED in any classes.
  • Thongs allowed in higher level classes if desired for grip safety.
  • Please leave personal belongings in dressing room. Water bottles, towels, grip products and heels are allowed in dance area. Participants will need to be able to demonstrate ability to lift weight off of floor before being allowed to suspend from pole.
  • While we are confident that classes are appropriate for women of all shapes and sizes , classes should be considered aerobic exercise and not all moves may be comfortable for everyone.
  • If you are unsure whether a class is right for you PLEASE call us to discuss your fitness level. Participants are encouraged to work at their own pace and modify moves to their comfort level. Modifications will be taught in class.
  • If you are taking prescription medicine, allergy or cold medicine that may make you drowsy or impair your physical coordination, we strongly urge you to consider whether you are physically capable to engage in aerobic exercise.
  • Persons attending class intoxicated WILL NOT be allowed to participate and WILL NOT receive a refund for classes missed!
  • Studio X reserves all rights to expel any participant from any class for any reason; no refunds.


While most classes are drop-in, certain classes or workshops may require registration. If a class requires registration, we suggest that you register EARLY to secure your space in class. It is highly recommended that you register on-line to secure your place in class. If dropping in, arrive approximately 10 minutes before the scheduled start time for the best chance of securing your space in class. After on-line registrants, classes are first come, first admitted.
Advanced registration can be done by paying on-line or by calling us

If you called to register and are unable to attend class, please call us to cancel or reschedule at least 48 hours prior to your scheduled class time. If you registered on-line, please cancel on-line. If you do not cancel prior to class you will be marked as attended and your class will be forfeited.

We require this so that we may offer the space to another student.

Privacy Policy

When you sign up for the Studio X Hot Flash, Studio X does collect and store your e-mail address. However, Studio X respects the privacy of all of our students current or otherwise, and does not use the e-mail address for any purpose other than the intended purpose of providing subscribers with news and information from the Studio X Hot Flash. Your credit card number and financial information is not stored. Students are not allowed to photograph other students while in class.


For your convenience Studio X now accepts on-line payments. As always you can pay with your Visa, MasterCard, AMEX by phone or in person at the studio. Of course, Studio X also accepts cash! NO CHECKS ACCEPTED.

If paying the day of class, please arrive 15 minutes early to complete the payment process.

All fees are non-refundable but can be applied to alternate classes at the discretion of the director.

Late Arrival

In order to minimize class interruptions and ensure that all students get an adequate warm-up to prevent injury, Studio X has instituted the following late arrival policy:
Late arrivals will be admitted up to 10 minutes after class start time. Late arrivals will be required to do a self-guided warm-up in the main studio area and may then join their class in progress. On-line registration does not guarantee your space in class after the 10 minute grace period.

Please be courteous of your fellow students and arrive on time for classes. Classes will begin promptly at scheduled starting times. No one will be admitted later than 15 minutes after a class start time.

Referral Program

Any student who refers 5 friends who purchase a 5 lesson or larger package will receive a 5 lesson package for free! So grab a handful of our business cards and spread the word! See your instructor for details.

Guests, Holidays, Liability Waiver and Attendance

Guests-Classes are open only to paying participants. We respect the privacy of our students. Friends, family, etc. are not allowed to watch classes.

Holidays and Inclement Weather-Studio X will be closed on major holidays and for two weeks during the Christmas/New Years season. Please refer to our on-line schedule or call for specific dates. In case of inclement weather, we will post closing information on the website home page.

Liability Waiver -Students will be required to sign a liability waiver before participating in any class.

Tardiness/Decorum -Our studio is located in a family-oriented environment. Please wear appropriate attire when entering and leaving class. Please familiarize yourself with the late arrival policy above.

Studio X is proud to provide a safe, empowering and professional instructional environment. We strive to foster an atmosphere of consideration and respect. Please familiarize yourself with our policies prior to attending class.


To keep the poles in safe grip condition, please refrain from wearing hand and body lotion, jewelry or any oils during class. Please use MATS  when inverting and please do not perform any move that you have not been instructed to properly do by a Studio X instructor. Please bring your own grip product. Tree sap type grip products are not allowed.

Students, please do not instruct other students during any time in the studio. This is for your protection.

Redeeming Groupon or Living Social

Thank you for your Living Social or Groupon deal purchase! Redeeming your voucher and taking classes has never been easier. Here’s how to do it!
  • Go to calendar on the home page and select the first class you would like to attend.
  • You may choose from any Beginner Pole, Basic X, Polefit, Continuing level (if eligible), Dance Essentials, Hip Hop, or Open Pole. Please see our class description page if you are unsure where to start or give us a call!
  • Create an on-line profile by clicking on any sign up button on the site.
  • E-mail us with your name and voucher number. Your voucher will be redeemed and your classes will be loaded by us. NOTE: Please allow us up to 48 hours to receive your information, redeem your voucher, and add your classes. Once we have added your classes, you will receive a confirmation email letting you know that you may register on-line at your convenience.
  • You must redeem your voucher by the expiration date to receive your full benefit  however, you have one month from the date of redemption to use your lessons.
  • Print your voucher (or pull up on your phone) and arrive about 10 minutes prior to the start of the first class you would like to attend to redeem your voucher and sign our waiver.
  • You must redeem your voucher by the expiration date to receive your full benefit however, you have one month from the date of redemption to use your lessons.
  • Enjoy!
Expired vouchers will not be redeemed for full benefit but can be redeemed for the value paid and applied toward classes.