Dance Classes

Learn to express your sensuality and strength in our exotic, pole and body sculpting dance classes. Dance classes at Studio X strengthen and tone your body, while cultivating grace, rhythm and self confidence as your skills increase. We are committed to helping you reach your dance goals and even offer a skills checklist to help you track your progress!

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What you need to know …

  • Dance classes may be purchased per class or in packages of 5, 10 or 20-lessons and may be used for any combination of dance classes.
  • All value packs of 5, 10 or 20-lessons expire one year from the date of purchase.
  • You may preregister for dance classes via our on-line registration or drop-in. If dropping in please note that class size is limited, so arrive early to secure your spot in class.
  • Dance classes are priced slightly higher than conditioning classes and prices/packages are not interchangeable.
  • Our late arrival policy applies to dance classes. Please familiarize yourself with it on our policies page.
  • Check the individual class descriptions below for class length and dress/footwear requirements.
  • For your safety, please wear a minimum amount of jewelry and do not apply body lotions/oils prior to classes.
  • Students are required to complete at least 10 Basic X classes and 5 Dance Essentials classes before being eligible to move to Continuing Pole class and may always attend Basic X along with higher level classes.
  • Dance classes are not appropriate as party/ group classes. Please call us if you would like to schedule a class for groups larger than 5.
  • PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN YOGA/WARM-UP MAT. Mats will be available for purchase at the studio if needed.


Summary: Ladies! Not sure where to start with exotic/pole dance or would you like a gentler lesson? Then join us for “Absolute Beginners” our new low impact, introduction to exotic/pole fitness. Absolute Beginners breaks down our Basic X moves at a slower pace and is perfect for ladies who are starting to build strength and flexibility. This class also focuses on making all your moves fluid and super sexy!

Prequisites: None, perfect for all levels

Time: 1 sexy hour

Attire: Comfortable clothing  Heels, athletic shoes or barefoot




Summary: Basic X is our entry-level class where your exotic dance journey begins. Classes teach the basic elements of exotic movement and pole dance. Each class starts with a warm-up, designed to increase strength and flexibility, and includes essentials of exotic dance such as hip work, floor work, and hand placement. Classes incorporate basic pole poses, transitions, and spins, culminating in an exciting, confidence-building exotic pole routine at the end of each session.  New in 2014, all Basic X classes at the Chesterfield location will feature a spinning pole option!

Students may start with any Basic X class and attend as many times per week as desired. Each class is unique and students are encouraged to attend on an on-going basis.

Prerequisite: None

Time: 1 hour and 15 minutes

Attire: Workout wear. Shorts recommended. High heels, athletic shoes, or barefoot.



Continuing Pole

Summary: Continuing Pole builds on skills learned in Basic X and teaches more complex pole movement. Students will learn a variety of poses, pole dance techniques, climbing and more advanced spins and basic inversions (getting upside down). Classes also focus on making pole routines fluid and graceful.

Students who have completed at least 10 Basic X classes and 5 Dance Essentials classes are eligible to participate in Continuing Pole. Students may take Continuing Pole concurrently with Basic X if desired.

Classes are intermediate level and students must demonstrate proficiency in supporting their body weight to participate.

Prerequisite: 10 Basic X classes and 5 Dance Essentials classes

Time: 1 hour and 15 minutes

Attire: Workout wear. Shorts recommended. High heels, athletic shoes, or barefoot.


Hips and Booty

Summary: Get a great rear view with this fun, intense lower body workout. This class starts with a thorough leg and bum warm-up and stretch then keeps the burn coming with lower body exercise derived from dance styles ranging from the samba to the Texas Twerk.  Hips and Booty class will have you shakin’, poppin’, clappin and doing the shimmy all while sculpting a great derriere!

Prerequisite: None. All Fitness Levels, Drop-ins Welcome

Time:  1 hour

Attire: Comfortable workout wear, bring scarf or belly dance skirt to wrap around hips. May dance barefoot or in heels.


Dance Essentials

Summary: Develop your sexy persona and perfect your dance style in this new exotic class combining elements of multiple disciplines. Dance Essentials is a multi-level class appropriate for beginners as well as experienced students who want perfect their choreography and exotic dance skills. Dance Essentials allows you to explore the use of props, development of dance themes and choreography of sensual routines.This class also teaches transitions and contemporary dance moves that help you tie together your pole tricks. Each class focuses on a different method of exotic expression including floor work, lap, chair and wall dance, striptease and burlesque. Themes for each class will be posted on our monthly calendar along with any suggested costumes and props. Dance Essentials class is open to all fitness levels and is a prerequisite to Continuing Pole.

Prerequisite: None

Time: 1 hour

Attire: Workout wear. High heels, soft soled shoes, or barefoot.


Men’s Pole and Aerial

Summary:New to Studio X by popular demand, Men’s Pole/Aerial Fitness! Men’s pole fitness is growing in popularity as great, alternative way for guys to get stronger and more flexible. Starting this fall Studio X will offer a bi-weekly pole and aerial classes for men only incorporating the static and spinning poles and aerial hammock. Men’s classes will focus on using the pole to build core strength while developing flexibility, and choreography unique to the male student.


Prerequisite: None

Time: 1 hour

Attire: Comfortable clothing, bike shorts that bare the knee work well, barefoot, athletic shoes, or soft soled shoes


 Pole Pro

Summary: Pole Pro is a workshop-based class designed to practice advanced pole skills. Emphasis is placed on strength and flexibility. Students will learn advanced inversions with minimal pole contact, spin combinations and static pole poses.

Prerequisite: Classes are ADVANCED level and students must complete at least 20 Continuing Pole classes AND demonstrate proficiency in inverting and continuing spin skills to participate. Studio X cares above all about the safety of our students, therefore no one will be allowed to start in an advanced level classes without attending required basic and continuing classes regardless of fitness level.

Time:  1 hour

Attire: Workout wear. Shorts encouraged. Sports bras, short shorts, and thongs allowed. Barefoot or heels.




Summary: Silk work combines a traditional yoga style workout with the aerial hammock. It is designed to be beneficial to students of all experience levels. No previous aerial, acrobatic or yoga experience necessary.

Silk work is different from traditional yoga. The support of the hammock/sling allows deeper, easier stretching than doing the stretch on the floor. Releases achieved in the air allow students to explore much deeper stretches in their traditional yoga postures without the compression of the joints and spine present on the floor.

Challenging traditional yoga postures, such as inversions and deep back bends, can be achieved with less effort and without strain with the use of the Aerial hammock/sling for support.
For those who need additional challenge, balances in the air take such postures as tree and eagle a step beyond anything experienced on the floor.

The hammock or sling can be used for strengthening moves much like any suspension system as well as providing an interesting variation on traditional Pilates exercises done in the hammock. Shavasana (relaxation pose) in the cocoon of the hammock provides a new sense of freedom and peace.

Prerequisite: None

Time: 1 hour

Attire: Please wear clothing that is form fitting and covers at least the back of the knee and the armpit. (This is to protect from chaffing caused by the hammock material rubbing on the skin.) Please do NOT wear jewelry. This can damage the hammock fabric. If you wish to leave on a ring, please wrap it in sport tape to protect the hammock. Plain wedding bands with no stone may be left on with no cover.